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What is The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior? In laymen terms it is simply a book of original theory that was discovered quite by accident at the hands of an obscure writer, Douglas Arone-- working on his first novel. Searching for the motivation of his primary character or protagonist, and unhappy with the available psychological theories forwarded--Douglas Arone began building his own hypothetical models of behavior. Then---it happened, and whether it was a well thought out cosmic conjunction or something much deeper and in line with the origins of discovery itself--perhaps no one will ever know. What we do know however is this was a watershed discovery in human psychology--perhaps the biggest ever.

Arone essentially found a master key--or missing link to all major disorders and behaviors. With this developmental key all behaviors and disorders would be unlocked. Without it--well nothing--not a single or behavioral disorder will ever be understood. Skeptical? Of course, who wouldn't be? One thing is for sure though, after you read the book and understand the theory, all that skepticism will vanish and the only question you will ask yourself is why everybody doesn't know about this breakthrough discovery!

Still, The Theorem never sleeps for long! As recently, there is some evidence that The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior is gaining momentum. The discovery has generated sporadic studies around the globe and the book is in either medical or general libraries in: the UK (Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity College), South Africa, Morocco, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada. And of course the book is available in a few select libraries throughout the USA. The Theorem is also required reading in a few psychology classes. On a lighter note, the book has eased some into popular culture with references in Urban Dictionary. Still this is nothing of its potential. Nothing indeed, while The Theorem has sold only a thousand copies-it has the potential to sell over 200 million--and this is a conservative estimate. There will be a day, and it is coming, when this discovery will be taught from elementary school to and through college levels. A new generation will reach potentials only imagined decades ago and they will live in a world vacant of many of the disorders we see as permanent today. Join the momentum--Buy the Book and tell everyone!

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Endorsements / Reviews

-Catholic News Agency.

A discovery of great genius that will advance mankind's march towards progress .see the entire press release

-European Association of Families with Mental Illness (EUFAMI)

The Theorem is a comprehensive new behavioral theory and model that reveals some startling insights about schizophrenia. Indeed, it is very possible that this discovery, as chronicled in the book, which is written for the general readership, may be responsible for uncovering the origins and cause of this disorder that has affected so many for so long.

-B. K. Abolade MD; MRCP (UK), , Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Alabama,

Arguably the genius of any great discovery lies in its originality - a fresh idea that is set to challenge traditional modes of thinking while advancing man's march along the path of progress. The work before us fits neatly into these criteria. Far from the idea that the human foetus is cocooned from the cares and woes of existence, our first experience of fear, joy and sorrow actually precedes our birth. This in a nutshell is what this book is set to tell the world. (The author) has accomplished his task with exceptional brilliance.


"I have suffered from OCD for many years and your book has helped more than any other. Thank you for presenting this."
"I have not read an instant classic in years. The Theorem: A Complete Answer is sure to be one of them. It helped me reach my son who has been diagnosed with autism in ways no other book has."
"Thanks a Bundle Knowing the 'Real' cause of Panic Attack's and not some medical hocus pocus, helped me curb them in a way hours on the couch with my shrink could not."
"I will tell you Sir, You have made a miraculous discovery here. It is one that would have made Newton or Einstein proud, it is too bad there is no one of this significance alive today or they would surely be magnetized to your theory."
"Two words only for you Mr. Douglas Arone… Nobel Prize"
"This is unlike any other book I have ever read because I use this one everyday. I can see your theory in action everyday in everyone. It is the gateway to higher levels of thinking. It is the areas of the brain that we never use, until previously."

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